Stopping Halfway for Cornerstone Stories (2013)

Everything from the illustrations, story flow, page layout and writing was done by myself. I picked the Chinese fable, “Stopping Halfway” as it resounds very strongly with a life principle that I agree with– that if one defaults on their work halfway, all their efforts will be wasted and nothing fruitful comes from it. Therefore, diligence and perseverance is the key.


Character concepts for a children’s storybook app that is currently under development. The focus of the storybook app revolves around the re-telling of famous Malaysian legends and folklore, via a classroom setting.

The idea is to keep our local tales alive in this modern age, and easy enough for readers as young as 4 to understand and remember. The first story in this series is the re-telling of Puteri Gunung Ledang.


My entry for Voltage’s Story Writing and Illustration Contest 2013 for MyRomanceSeries. My bias is very much towards the older, cool-type character who is a lawyer. :)

September 2013


The finished cover for Girl and Soldier. :)

Cover for my doujinshi that debuted at Comic Fiesta 2012.November 2012(original post from the blog @ silentmight)

No matter where you run or hide, the sneering demons follow you everywhereThis was originally going to be about verbal abuse/bullying… but in the end I guess the context is about the same. Either way, verbal attacks cut deeper emotionally, mentally, psychologically. Sometimes so much it paralyzes one for the rest of their lives. And there’s no telling how one would overcome the impact it leaves deep within them.

23 October 2012(original post from the blog @ silentmight)

Station to Stars!What happens when you put this mashup of DE DE MOUSE vs Beastie Boys vs Aphex Twin on loop.

7 November 2012

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Don’t you worry, for in peace you will lie down and sleep.
For the Traveling Realms print compilation, more details here. I chose to illustrate a mythological beast I’ve always been enamoured with, the Baku (獏). The Baku devours both dreams and nightmares, and images or talismans of it are often placed to ward off bad dreams and ill omens. Dreams play an extremely important part in my life; a night’s rest WITHOUT dreams (or nightmares) makes me feel unsettled the next morning, so much so sometimes I find it hard to function normally.

28 September 2012(original post from the blog @ silentmight)
(original post from the blog @ silentmight)

What happened?I wonder, if our past selves as a child were given a chance to have a glimpse of what they’d be in 10 years time, would they want to be an adult after all?Children, don’t grow up too fast.Even if you may or may not have a lot, or come from different walks of life: Enjoy all the time you have, embrace, laugh, love, before all of that is taken away from you.I guess if I met my younger self, she would be very disappointed.(I don’t know how to draw anything happy anymore)

Photoshop9 June 2012
Damn it.A tribute to Loki, whose feelings I am sure many can resonate with.
Pencils, Photoshop8 May 2012
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CaremellaCharacter design for a competition.27 June 2011